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My hunger for knowledge is consuming me

You know what really pisses me off? I hate the fact that most of us college students attend college just because we’re filled with people telling us that it’s the only way we’re going to get far in life. The truth is that the only way we’re going to get ahead in life is by doing something we like 100 billion times until we’re fucking awesome at it and people who can’t do what we like because they’re interested in other shit direly need us to do it for them.

Random Rambling

Tobacco in my mouth
nicotine in my veins
i can’t fall asleep
because the pressure is insane
I wanna be the best
i can feel it in my heart
i fight and i fight
but life is a hard hitter
and i fall and i get bitter
but i stand up and i take
I take, I take, I take
how much more can i take
how much longer till I’m there
cause the grass is green on that side
and on this side it’s brown
and when you fall you scrape your knee there
but when i fall i die here
and when i fall asleep i fall asleep in peace
while over here i fall asleep in war
but life, when are you going to quit?
because I rather be beaten than dead


so freshman to grad finals came round
and all through the town the adderall flowed
from counters to people
from money to pills
the freshman all trembled
the seniors all thrilled
as they failed their finals
but got out of this hole
the final step in our education
we finally reached our goal